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                      LOCAL EXPERTISE                         every  day in its  Montreal laboratory. The

                     When it comes to optics, it’s all about  reputation  of  the  Japanese  company  –

                     precision. For 30  years, Nikon  has been  combined with the expertise of local people –

                     revolutionizing the field of ophthalmic  is what makes the Nikon difference.
                     lenses. Their goal? To ensure absolute visual
                     precision, nothing more, nothing less.   MORE THAN A PRODUCT, AN EXPERIENCE  2
                     When an eye care professional orders      Did you know that 46% of consumers  are
                                                              willing to pay more for an experience than
                     ophthalmic lenses, the Nikon Optical     for a product? Beyond its exceptional quality
                     Design Engine calculates and optimizes   products, Nikon distinguishes itself by
                     the optical formula of each lens surface. In   redefining the customer experience.
                     2021, Nikon estimated the number of design
                     possibilities to be 93,000,000,000,000,000,000.  In its various offices across Canada – whether
                     Once the design is calculated, it’s sent to the   in Toronto, Burnaby, Halifax or Montreal –
                                                              Nikon offers eyecare professionals a close
                     Montreal laboratory for lens manufacturing.   customer experience. This can be seen in
                     CNC generators are then used to surface the   the trusting relationship that Nikon’s experts
                     lenses using digital calculations.       create and maintain with their customers.

                     This state-of-the-art equipment is  In fact, Nikon’s collaborative approach
                     complemented  by  exclusive  innovations  promotes responsive service that responds to
                     that have been developed over the years to  customers’ needs.
                     provide consumers unparalleled vision and   At the local level, teams comprised of
                     comfort. These include ViewFit and SeeMax   customer experience experts and experienced
                     technologies.                            opticians are able to answer the specific

                     Nikon is also the only company in the optical  questions of eyecare professionals. Equally,
                     industry in North America – and probably   these professionals can count on a strong
                     in the world – to use the ARX picking   team of business development partners and
                     machine to manufacture its lenses. Originally  marketing consultants to provide solutions

                     designed for the pharmaceutical industry,  that meet their sales objectives.
                     this two-ton machine allows Nikon to     By betting on a service based on proximity
                     store the raw materials used in the lens     and trust, Nikon has made a bold venture
                     manufacturing process and its customers’   that appears to be paying off. Indeed, 92% of
                     frames in order to minimize handling.    its most loyal customers say they are satisfied.
                     Throughout the manufacturing process, a  Nikon remains a partner of choice: by
                     rigorous inspection process checks each step.  choosing Nikon, eyecare professionals create
                     Approximately 2,000 lenses are manufactured   value for their practice and for their customers.

            2: PwC 2020, Fast Company 2021
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