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Portrait of a Designer

                                                                                                       By Evra Taylor

                                 CARON                                               ashionista’  is a word that’s  often

                                                                                     bandied about in fashion circles
                                                                                     and  there’s  no  doubt  it’s  a  supreme
                                                                                     compliment to those who want to
                                                                           ‘Fbe known for their style savvy. And
                                                                            nothing  captures  Caron  Eyewear’s  glamorous
                EYEWEAR:                                                    These are frames designed for modern, self-starting
                                                                            aesthetic more beautifully than this word.

                                                                            women who understand that eyewear plays an
                                                                            essential role in their look.
                                                                            Available only in independent optical stores,
                                                                            Caron Eyewear delivers European acetates and
                                               STAY                         high-grade stainless steel with state-of-the-art

                                                                            ION plating.
                                                                              Every piece is crafted with the utmost attention to
                                                                            wearability, balance and fit. Add to that a highly
                                                                            personal approach and you have a British brand
                                                                            with a unique, contemporary aesthetic combined
                            STYLISH,                                        with a commitment to excellent service and
                                                                            quality optical design.
                                                                            Caron Eyewear draws inspiration from a broad
                                                                            spectrum of influences: fine arts, cinema,
                                                                            architecture, photography, and products of all
                                                                            kinds, including those beyond the optical industry.
                                               STAY                         The Caron brand is feminine, contemporary and

                                                                            strong, a reflection of its owner and founder,
                                                                            Caron Kraitt. This British-born eyewear designer
                                                                            traces her more-than-25-year career in the optical
                                                                            industry to her roots in the early 2000s as a
                                                                            dispenser for the 20/20 Optical Store in central
                         ELEGANT                                            London, an independent outfit which was then
                                                                            Europe’s largest single optical store. Dispensing
                                                                            was a vital part of Kraitt’s learning curve in optics.
                                                                            She particularly enjoyed working with customers
                                                                            face-to-face in a retail environment, and
                                                                            eventually became involved in buying for the store.

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