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                                                                                          T HE P R E SB Y OP I A OP P OR T UNI T Y
          “  with these patients is paramount in building trust
                For ECPs, creating and nurturing relationships

              and restoring patients’ peace  of mind as they
                          face the optical consequences of
                                             advancing age.

            with PALs at near. For low-to-moderate  must be aware that all the current
            myopes engaged in visually demanding  presbyopic solutions are compromises.
            near activities, a recommendation                                    into account the starting refractive
            to remove their glasses is the best  THE OPPORTUNITY FOR ECPS        error, level of presbyopia, lifestyle and
            option. For those already in contact   For patients who enjoyed 20/20 vision     compliance with the chosen treatment
            lenses, the options would include   most of their lives, a diagnosis of   and its  possible  after-effects. The
            reading glasses over contact lenses     presbyopia  can  be disturbing and   ultimate objective of presbyopia
            as needed for near, monovision     disruptive. For ECPs, creating and   treatment is to address the biggest
            or multifocal contact lenses and   nurturing  relationships  with  these   concern, which is not being able to
            presbyopia-correcting eye drops.   patients is paramount in building   see up close. ECPs can play a key role
            For those in distance correction who   trust and restoring patients’ peace     in helping their patients achieve that
            are considering an elective refractive   of mind as they face the optical     objective. Patient communication,
            procedure, a thorough discussion   consequences of advancing age.    counselling and hand-holding are
            about presbyopia and  the impact                                     vital tools in an ECP’s armamentarium,
            after surgery on close-up vision and  The treatment of presbyopia is highly  as are  the treatment techniques
            the eventual need for near correction  individual and must  be considered   chosen to address each presbyope’s
            is required. In all scenarios, myopes  on a case-by-case basis, taking  individual case.            n E

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