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                             EMBODYING THE DIFFERENCE

                             IN OPTICS                               Beyond its products,

                                                                    the Nikon experience


                                           ontreal  is  home  to the  AN ASSURANCE OF QUALITY
                                           first laboratory outside   There’s no doubt that Nikon is trusted
                                           Japan to manufacture  by consumers. The survey results show

                                           Nikon lenses. This is  that the majority of those surveyed

                             Mwhere ophthalmic lenses  believe it’s a trustworthy brand and

                              have been manufactured for the Japanese  that  the  company  creates  quality
                              company’s Canadian customers since  products. When asked to name the
                              1989. With 200 employees in Canada,  supplier  with  the  best  quality  lenses,
                              it’s in this immense laboratory that all  Nikon was the clear winner.
                              the Nikon magic happens.            What’s more, 84% of consumers
                                                                  would definitely recommend Nikon
                              A WELL-KNOWN, RECOGNIZED BRAND      to their friends and family. By offering
                              Nikon’s reputation has long been    Nikon lenses to their patients, eyecare
                              established. A pioneer in the field of     professionals benefit not only from the
                              optical science for over 100 years, the   brand awareness and appeal, but also
                              Japanese company is well known and    from their patients’ loyalty to it.
                              recognized in the industry.         Although quality is often synonymous
                              In fact, a survey  conducted in 2021    with higher prices, it’s clear that the
                              confirmed that 90% of Canadian       price of Nikon lenses doesn’t deter
                              consumers are familiar with the Nikon  consumers. On  the  contrary!  More

                              brand. What’s more, 80%  of Nikon  than 6 out of 10 consumers are aware
                              patients know the brand name of their  of the  value of Nikon lenses  and  are
                              ophthalmic lenses.                  willing to pay more for them.

                                                        1: Brand Awareness and Image Survey in Canada conducted by Passages in April 2021
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