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         T HE P R E SB Y OP I A OP P OR T UNI T Y

                                         PRESBYOPIA-CORRECTING EYE DROPS
                  “   The perfect        management     tool   could    be    the other hand, purport to restore
                                         The newest game-changing presbyopia  2. Lens  restoration  eye  drops,  on
                                         pharmaceutical agents - miotic-based
                                                                              accommodation  at  the  root  of
           presbyopia-correcting         and  lens-restoration  eye  drops.  The   presbyopia by softening the lens
                  eye drop should        perfect presbyopia-correcting  eye   proteins  (Novartis  -  Dioptin)  to
           provide improvement in        drop should provide improvement in   restore elasticity or by stabilizing
                                         a range of uncorrected vision at near
                       a range of        with minimal compromise to distance   Therapeutics VP1-001) to prevent
             uncorrected vision at       vision and restore accommodation.     stiffening.
                                         The drop should also be comfortable
                  near with minimal      on instillation, fast-acting and     Presbyopia-correcting eye drops are
                   compromise to         long-lasting with excellent safety and   not to be taken as an absolute
                                                                            replacement for reading glasses,
                                         minimal adverse effect profiles.
                   distance vision                                          contact lenses or surgery but as a
                      and restore        1. Miotic-based drops allow the pupil  supplement to these  and  other
                                      “   a pinhole effect that increases the  there are nine presbyopia-correcting
                                          or aperture to constrict and create  modalities. At the time of writing,
                                          eye’s depth of focus. AGN-190584  eye drop solutions in various phases
                                          (Vuity: 1.25% Pilocarpine HCl) by  of clinical trials (Table 1)  and many
                                          Allergan, an AbbVie company, has  are expected to receive regulatory
                                          already been approved and is on the  approval in the near future. For the
                                          market.                           millions  of presbyopes  in  Canada
                                                                            and the U.S., the prospect of a new
                                                                            treatment strategy is most welcome


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