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                                           8     DEVELOPMENTAL OPTOMETRY
                         Cover Story

                                                 There is growing interest in the field of developmental optometry
                                                 as an option for remediation of binocular vision dysfunction,
                                                 amblyopia, strabismus, learning-related vision problems and TBIs.
                                                 What is the evidence to support the benefits of vision therapy and
                                                 rehabilitation? How do practitioners respond to the criticisms of
                                                 some members of the medical community? And how can vision
                                                 therapy help ECPs grow their practices?

                         Company Profile  14     Three generations serving Canadian eye care professionals

                          Making Contact  16     Pupil Light Reflex Fitness Check

                     Portait of a Designer  20   Deeper into Eyewear: Sven Götti

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                                          28     Market Place

                    in the next issue         LOW VISION
                    /  JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2022  /  Nearly one in 30 Canadians over the age of 40 experiences low vision. How can
                                              the eyewear industry reach this population and enhance their quality of life?
                                              This feature covers the latest in low vision technologies and how best to work with
                                              these patients, most of whom are seniors.

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