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                     VISION THERAPY


                                                         of Optometry?

                                                        Cover Story
                                                      By JoAnne Sommers

                                                wo years after she was thrown from a
                                                horse and suffered her third concussion,
                                                Brin Snelling was still plagued by
                                                headaches, dizziness, nausea and fatigue.
                                        TShe couldn’t work, had trouble reading
                                         and became disoriented easily, especially in crowds.

                                         She sought help from a variety of healthcare
                                         professionals: shortly after the accident, an
                                         optometrist  said  her  eyes  were  fine  structurally;
                                         she also saw physiotherapists, chiropractors and

                                         “They helped me somewhat but didn’t resolve my
                                         problems. I was working for a tech company in
                                         San Francisco, doing real estate, but things were so
                                         difficult that I had to return to Oakville to live with
                                         my parents.”

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