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                                                                                          V ISION T HER APY

            [  Dr. Kristel Jefferies supervising a vision therapy patient completing a visuomotor training exercise at her clinic in Pembroke, Ontario.  ]
             Brin was desperate for a return to normality so when  At first, she says, her symptoms worsened greatly.
             her family doctor suggested vision therapy, she agreed. “It was very difficult but I stuck with it and over the past
                                                            two months there has been a big improvement. I can
             “When Shirley (Dr. Shirley Ha, a functional optometrist     drive and walk my dog short distances. But I still can’t
             and regular contributor to this publication) explained   work full-time because I can spend only three-to-four
             it, I was skeptical, as was my step-mom, who’s a doctor.   hours a day on the computer.”
             But I knew several people with head injuries who tried
             it and had very positive experiences.”         Brin now uses performance lenses with therapeutic
             Brin’s initial exam showed a lot of visual dysfunctions.   prisms to help organize her visual space for reading
             One of them was accommodation, says Dr. Ha. “She   and for navigation in her environment without feeling
             wasn’t focusing properly, either up close or far away.   nauseated or disoriented. She works at it 30 minutes a
             Convergence was also a problem and she saw double   day, integrating her other sensory systems, including
             when a finger was held up near her face.”      her vestibular system, with her vision.
             Over the next few months, she did a lot of brain training,     Interestingly, her lens prescription has improved since
             re-learning her visual space and how to look from   starting treatment. “I used to be a -1.50 left and -2.50
             distance  to near  and vice  versa.  She also practiced  right (she had this prescription prior to the accident).
             reading through different lens powers, which helped  At my checkup in October, my prescription was -1.00
             with the flexibility of her accommodation.     and -2.00, so it improved by 0.50 in both eyes.”

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