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A Passion

        for Partnership

        If there is one word that sums up Specsavers,

        better than any other, it is partnership.

        Since 1984, when optometrists Doug and Mary Perkins opened the first Specsavers stores in
        the UK, the commitment to working in partnership with eye care professionals has delivered
        success to thousands of Specsavers business-owners as they care for the eye health of
        over 40 million people across almost 2000 optometry businesses in 10 countries.

        Almost 40 years on, our passion for partnership burns as brightly as ever as we take our first steps into
        the exciting Canadian optometry market, in partnership with British Columbia’s Image Optometry.

        And now we are looking forward to building on our heritage to develop a local
        Specsavers brand with a Canadian accent – one that delivers accessible and
        affordable eye care to local communities throughout British Columbia.

        Eye care professionals interested in business ownership with Specsavers – especially
        those already in B.C. - can now find out more about our immediate plans and
        how the Specsavers partnership model continues to deliver sustainable success
        for literally thousands of Specsavers partners around the world.

        For an early discussion, contact our Partnerships Director Mike Protopsaltis
        in Vancouver on (604) 499 3976 or
                                                                                    Transforming eye health
        For a full introduction and to follow our progress, go to and LinkedIn’s Specsavers Canada page.                 Transforming careers
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