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Cover Story

                                                                                          W OMEN’S E YE W E AR


                                Changes,                                STYLE                                / mod. Wakota /


                                                                                                     / mod. Wakota /
                       With its classic, timeless styles, Serengeti’s 2021  Rolla (pictured on this Cover Story’s main image)
                       designs are inspired by the past but with a   has a chunky, rectangular shape with an angular
                       modern  twist,  says  Creative  Director  Arnaud  profile and wide temple. This cat-eye frame is
                       Falce.                                     created with high-quality eco-nylon and spring
                                                                  hinges for maximum comfort and boasts the
                       “Coco Chanel said, ‘Fashion changes, style    innovative SPIRIT lens, including photochromic,
                       endures.’ Using this guideline, the Serengeti  spectral control® and polarization technologies.
                       team created the Main Line Collection. From the   The bevelled lens plays with the volume and
                       attention to detail of new hinges to the choice of  creates a strong feminine style with plenty of
                       materials and the way of working them, to the  character. In shiny black, red tortoise shiny,
                       pure and elegant lines, Serengeti frames offer the  crystal champagne, white matte classic tortoise
                       best possible experience.”                 temples, and matte crystal nude.

                       Sunglasses  are  all  about  personal expression,  Feminine and casual with an angular design on
                       from vintage styles to updated classics, adds   top, Wakota is an eco-nylon frame equipped
                       Rene Gerber, senior marketing manager, North  with spring hinges providing incredible comfort.
                       America, Bollé Brands™. (Serengeti is part of the  SPIRIT lenses complete this retro square shape.
                       Bollé Brands group.)                       In matte crystal pink, shiny tortoise, shiny crystal
                                                                  burgundy, shiny black and shiny crystal peach.
                       This year’s shapes range from small, round frames
                       to  uplifting  cat-eyes, which  can  be  found  in   Eco-friendly  SPIRIT lenses  are  made  using
                       oversized frames, as well as a more narrow,   castor oil plants, a sustainable substitute for TR90,
                       defined shape. While nylon frames are popular,   which is petrol-free and eco-friendly, yet durable,
                       there seems to be a return to thinner,   lightweight, flexible and break-resistant. The
                       ‘70s-inspired metal frames in larger geometric  packaging and cases for this collection are made
                       shapes.                                    from vegan leather and recycled carton.

                                                                                        /  /  MARCH - APRIL 2021  /  9
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