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                W OMEN’S E YE W E AR

                                                                    “   It brings life and interest to acetate

                                                                           when the material is layered with
                                                                   transparent shades or cut to add subtle
                                                                                             design details.

                                                                 / mod. NI9459 4224 /

                                                                                                         / mod. NI9462 6515 /

                     With attitude borrowed from the hustling
                     ‘70s, the Nifties collection from Canadian
                     Optical Supply Co. is dynamic in design with
                     vibrant colours to match. The large panto
                     and hexagonal shapes are youthful and fresh,  “We began seeing layered acetates right
                     while a blast of vintage vibes completes   before the pandemic,” she notes. “It brings
                     the look. Audacious feminine frames   life and interest to acetate when the material
                     ooze elegant confidence with vintage-feel,   is layered with transparent shades or cut to
                     pastel-coloured silk paint effects and bright  add subtle design details.”
                     demi-colours on the front and temples.
                                                             Subdued colours are most popular this year,
                     COS’s  Geoghegan says buyers  are  reaching   providing optimal versatility. Cool tones
                     for oversize shapes and classic styles with  and nude shades also seem to be making a
                     subtle design details, such as modified   comeback.
                     cat-eyes or traditional square shapes with
                     sharp, angular lines.                   Nifties frames are designed to fit adult
                                                             customers  with fine facial features. Studies
                     Nifties NI9459 4224 in rose medium demi  show that more than 10 per cent of adults
                     features  a  slightly  oversized  square with   have a small pupillary distance (PD) and
                     angular lines in full acetate. NI9462 6515  facial proportions which can be considered
                     is a cat-eye-shaped full acetate frame with  narrow, slim or petite. The brand offers an
                     a  transparent  grey  front  paired  with  a   optimal fit for customers with a smaller PD,
                     patterned temple and coordinating burgundy   blended with subtle design elements such as
                     accents.                                on-trend colours and patterns.

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