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                                            6      Our View

                                           8     WOMEN’S EYEWEAR
                         Cover Story

                                                 The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted women’s eyewear
                                                 fashions for 2021, with designs influenced by the longing for
                                                 less-turbulent times. See what optical and sunwear collections
                                                 have in store for this season.

                              / Cover photo: Serengeti  mod. Rolla /

                     Portait of a Designer  18   A Designing Life Makes for a Beautiful Story:

                                                 Marina Lothigius for Eco®

                                            20   In The News

                                            32   Market Place

                                              WHAT’S NEW IN DRY EYE?
                                              The widespread use of face masks during the pandemic has led to increased
                    in the next issue         problems with dry, uncomfortable eyes, according to the University of Waterloo’s
                           / MAY - JUNE 2021 /  Centre for Ocular Research & Education (CORE). The Centre is advising ECPs on
                                              how to recognize mask-associated dry eye and help patients alleviate the symptoms.
                                              This feature brings readers up-to-date on the latest science concerning dry eye, and
                                              the most advanced treatments available.

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