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                                            6      Our View

                         Cover Story

                                           8       SUNGLASS TRENDS FOR 2023:

                                                   LOOKING TO THE FUTURE AND THE PAST

                                                   Consumers are searching for the best ways to shine beautifully under the

                                                   sun this summer. Nostalgia, otherwise known as “the new retro,” will nod

                                                   to the ‘70s with red, orange and yellow hues. In contrast, also look for

                                                   futuristic, angular shapes with oversized, tinted and flat lenses.

                                                   Eco-friendly eyewear in shades of green, and made of wood, coffee, cork

                                                   and bio-acetate, will be huge for 2023. This story will also cover advances

                                                   in protective lens technologies that enhance sunglass functionality.

                   Portrait of a Designer  16    Smart Technology Meets Smart Design at Skugga

                          Making Contact  20     Turning Nearsightedness Around Naturally: A Different Model

                                   Event  22     MIDO Makes its International Mark Once Again

                                          24     The Buzz

                                           28    Trendwatch

                                          32     Spotlight

                                          32     Market Place

                    in the next issue        EYEWEAR AS FASHION: CREATIVE COLLABORATIONS

                                             Eyewear is more than vision correction – it’s also high fashion. This feature will

                           / MAY-JUNE 2023  /  highlight important collaborations between well-known fashion designers and those

                                             who create eyewear. How do professionals from the two industries work together

                                             successfully? What does the creative process involve? What is the value of adding an

                                             eyewear line to a high-profile fashion house? This feature provides the answers.

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