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                                 MAKE A  SPLASH                                     IN ‘23

                                                        Cover Story

                           I   t stands to reason that after spending a couple of years of being cooped up

                                                        By Evra Taylor

                               in our respective habitats, this summer we’re eager to get out there, strut

                               our stuff, and do it in style. Fortunately, sunglass designers feel the same


                               There are trend setters and trend followers. This year’s cadre of designers

                            are top-tier creative thinkers who understand that opposites attract. In 2023,

                            sunglasses spotlight nostalgia, otherwise known as the “new retro.” This nod

                            to the ‘70s is contrasted with futuristic, angular shapes. And, consistent with

                            the global emphasis on environmentally positive products across all sectors,

                            eco-friendly eyewear is also huge.

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