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COVID-19 Changes



                                                  as   ECPs

                                                Scramble to

                                       KEEP UP

                                               Cover Story
                                               By Paddy Kamen

                                              any Canadians have fared quite well
                                              since the pandemic shutdowns began
                                              in mid-March. Personal savings have
                                              increased, as behaviours around
                                 Mshopping have changed. Consumer
                                  needs are different, as are spending patterns. This
                                  article looks at the impact of consumers’ changing
                                  needs and behaviours on the retail eyewear industry. 1

                                  According  to  The Globe and Mail,  Canadian  retail
                                  sales in June were 1.3 per cent higher than February,
                                  as the economy continued to reopen from coronavirus
                                  closures. And August marked the fourth consecutive
                                  month of increased sales. “…the retail sector has
                                  carved out a quick V-shaped recovery. Total sales
                                  of $53.2-billion in August were 1.8 per cent higher
                                  than in February—before the pandemic led to strict
                                  shutdowns that clobbered sales—and up 3.5 per cent
                                  from last year.”

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