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                  Martine Breton                  tt’s now well past Canadian Thanksgiving but we sure have a lot to be grateful
                                                  for. What am I thankful for today? As a writer, interviewing eyecare professionals
                 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF                  during this time of global pandemic, I am thankful that some are thriving. I am
                 JoAnne Sommers
                 Tel. 250 469-4350            Ithankful that some parts of Canada’s economy are doing well, and that some
            people have more than enough money to keep it so. And I am thankful for our health
                  SENIOR EDITOR               care system, which, while far from perfect, is perfectly sufficient (in my opinion).
                  Paddy Kamen
                 Tel. : 778 363-3405
                I am also thankful for Vancouver-based optician, Nada Vuksic, who is responding to
                                              the pandemic with alacrity, keeping all her staff on board during the shutdown, and
                ASSOCIATE EDITOR
               Shirley Ha, B. Sc (Hons), O.D.  pivoting to conducting some of her business online. As you will read in our feature
          MEDIA COORDINATOR / COPY EDITOR /    story, this is not an easy way to do business, but she is finding ways to make it work. I
                  RESEARCHER                  am especially thankful that Nada shares with me a love of good design and a profound
                  Omar Chraïbi
             appreciation for independent designers.
                WEB COORDINATOR               I am thankful for Paul Boyko, an optician who took the time to share how he has kept
                 Vanessa Pelletier
           his optical retail shop afloat, perched as it is on the side of the Detroit River that divides
             SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION         Windsor, ON, from its Michigan neighbour. Paul appreciates the fact that business is
              up, even though his usual American clientele has not been able to cross the border to
                 GRAPHIC DESIGN               do business with him for many months.
                  Marco Gagnon
                                              Sue Randhawa is a gem of an optician with a classy store in Vancouver. Her usual
                  ADVERTISING                 routine of buying unique designer frames at Vision Expo East and Silmo was stymied
                  Martine Breton
               when those trade shows cancelled because of COVID-19. This turned out for the best,
                  1 888 462-2112              because she didn’t know if her clients would still have money to spend when her store
 YOU CAN DO IT.  Tel.: 450 629-6005           reopened. I am thankful that Sue graciously took time to share with Envision: seeing
                 Fax: 514 360-6523
         CIRCULATION / CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING  beyond how pleased she is to be able to stay afloat due to her niche market position.
 WE CAN HELP.          I am grateful for marketer extraordinaire, Margaret Osborne, who has the rare distinction
                 Vanessa Pelletier
                    PRINTING                  of being an optician and a professor of marketing at Seneca College in Toronto as well
 ESS ILOR   E L I TE :     Published six times a year  as a frequent contributor to this magazine. I find every conversation with Margaret
 THE HELP YOU NEED TO GET THE RESULTS YOU WANT  delightful. Never one to hide her light under a bushel, Margaret also contributed an
                   Legal deposit              image of herself sporting stylish asymmetric eyeglass frames that have helped her
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               authorization of the publisher.                     May you stay well and may you thrive.
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