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                                             ECPS SCRAMBLE TO KEEP UP6
                               COVID-19 CHANGES CONSUMER NEEDS AS                    Cover Story

              Many Canadians have fared quite well since the pandemic shutdowns
               began in mid-March. Personal savings have increased, as behaviours
                  around shopping have changed. Consumer needs are different, as
                are spending patterns. This article looks at the impact of consumers’
                     changing needs and behaviours on the retail eyewear industry.

                                                                                     / On the cover : The Optical Boutique  /

                                          A Brighter Future for Kids with Myopia   12   Special Report

               Logic and Creativity: Pascal Jaulent Explores the Architecture of Design  16   Portrait of a Designer

                                  Supporting Employee Wellness During COVID       18    Making Contact

                                                                                  20    In the News

                                                                                  26    Market Place

                                               NEW DISCOVERIES IN VISION SCIENCE
              It’s challenging to keep up with the flood of new research in the vision science field.
                 To help our readers stay abreast of these exciting developments, this feature will     in the next issue
                  focus on some fascinating recent discoveries, including the latest gene therapy   / JANUARY—FEBRUARY 2021 /
                  treatments, corneal inlays to replace reading glasses, new AMD therapies, and

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