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                    C ONSUMER NEEDS

                                         Most ECPs are now operating on an
                                         appointment-only basis for store entry.
                                         This has proven to be popular with those
                                         clients who have adjusted to the new
                                         normal. Paul Boyko says, “this new path to
                                         purchase is so much more user-friendly for
                                         the patient. Once they have gone through
                                         the  COVID-19  protocols  and  enter  the
                                         store, they have my undivided attention.
                                         They tell us that they feel safe and are more
                                         satisfied with the service. And remakes are   / Bruce Eyewear - Safety Station /
                                         down dramatically.”
            “   It was a blatant         Elderly clients, however, sometimes find it  hampered by covering up so much of the

                                         difficult to adjust to the new reality, notes  face. Clients may want something that
              attempt to attract
         attention or to divert it       Randhawa. “We have several signs on  helps them stand out more dramatically
                                         the door that ask clients to call, but they  than they ever did before. It certainly
        from my hair. We all look        may not have a mobile phone and it can  worked for me as I was remembered
                                         seem overwhelming. Some of the new   because of my frames. We are looking for
            so anonymous in our          precautions  are difficult  to adjust  to  but  ways to connect in our captivity and a
                                         they are in place to protect all of us. We  dramatic new frame may do the trick.”
           masks and more than           still allow space for walk-ins because our
                 ever our social         elderly demographic is so accustomed to  She also advises ECPs to let go of old
                                         that. These are difficult times but mostly  knowledge about familiar clients. They may
                   interaction is        our clientele is very understanding.”  have quite different needs now. It could be
                                                                             that Ms Jones, whom you’ve known for 20
         hampered by covering            Osborne points out that the appointment-  years while she raised her kids, is part of a

                  up so much of          only paradigm allows ECPs to prepare a  new world of online learning and wants a
                                     “   carefully before they arrive and pull a   academic well past middle age may want
                                         customized experience for each client.   fresh new look. Communicate to her that
                       the face.         “For repeat customers, review their files  you see where she is now. The established
                                         curated collection of frames, appropriate   to approach his students with an air of less
                                         contact lens solutions and accessories.   authority and more warmth than he did
                                         Have literature and other resources   in the past, and a new frame can help him
                                         appropriate for their age/stage/medical  achieve that.”
                                         needs. Maybe put on a pot of tea or coffee
                                         and have dog treats for their four-legged   Osborne also shares that when she couldn’t
                                         companions.  Hopefully,  you  have  kept  go the gym she started hiking more. “My
                                         notes with details about their personal   fashion sunglasses just didn’t cut it on the
                                         lives that you can draw on to start a   hiking trail, so I purchased a sport-oriented
                                         conversation. I would even change the  pair just for that purpose. Multiple pair
                                         background music in the store to match  purchases for changed activities are
                                         their generation.”                  another potentially untapped market for
                                                                             ECPs who take the time to hit re-set on
                                         Some clients will be looking for   their understanding of client needs.”
                                         ‘remarkable’ frames to help them stand out
                                         in video meetings. Early in the pandemic  It is essential to remember that you are
                                         Margaret Osborne chose asymmetric  not  selling  eyeglasses:  you  are  selling  an
                                         frames, with one eye wire round and one  experience,  one  which  has  become  far
                                         square. “It was a blatant attempt to attract  more complex than it was just one year
                                         attention or to divert it from my hair. We  ago. But that needn’t result in less income
                                         all look so anonymous in our masks and  for you as you learn how to stand out in
                                         more than ever our social interaction is   this strange new world.

                                         1 The Globe and Mail, Retail Spending Stalls after Buying Spree in Early Recovery.  Matt Lundy, Oct. 21, 2020.

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