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                                          Martine Breton
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                                                                                                   Martine Breton
                                                                                                  SENIOR EDITOR
                               ore than two years after the COVID-19 virus upended all of our     JoAnne Sommers
                                                                                                  Tel. 250 469-4350
                               lives, there are plenty of signs that Canada and the world are
                               returning to a semblance of normality. Public health restrictions,
                               including vaccine mandates, have been eased or lifted, people      FEATURES WRITER
                                                                                                    Evra Taylor
                   Mare starting to travel again, both inside Canada and abroad, and              Tel. 416 458-4409
                   many are returning to work outside the home. Perhaps best of all, we can now
                   enjoy gathering with friends and family again with less fear of negative health   ASSOCIATE EDITOR
                   outcomes.                                                                    Shirley Ha, B. Sc (Hons), O.D.
                                                                                            SPECIAL ADVISOR, CONTACT LENSES
                   Yet, even as the pandemic becomes endemic, its lingering effects remain.     Joshua Josephson, B. Sc, OD, FAAO, FACLP
                   COVID savaged the global economy, putting many people out of work and     MEDIA COORDINATOR / COPY EDITOR /
                   destroying businesses, while driving inflation through the roof and leaving us   RESEARCHER
                                                                                                   Omar Chraïbi
                   with continuing supply chain disruptions, including the ongoing shortage of
                   microchips.                                                                   WEB COORDINATOR
                                                                                                  Vanessa Pelletier
                   On an individual level, many people are continuing to deal with the impact of
                   long COVID, battling serious fatigue, cognitive problems and a host of mental   SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION
                   health issues. And of course, the stress of uncertainty will be with us for some
                   time.                                                                          GRAPHIC DESIGN
                                                                                                   Marco Gagnon
                   Despite these challenges, there’s a lot to be grateful for, including the continuing
                   loyalty of our advertisers and readers and the opportunity to continue providing   ADVERTISING
                                                                                                   Martine Breton
                   you with the latest news and information about the optical world. 
                                                                                                   1 888 462-2112
                   In this issue of Envision magazine, our features writer Evra Taylor and Associate   Tel.: 450 629-6005
                   Editor Shirley Ha take a close up look at presbyopia, which affects nearly two   Fax: 514 360-6523
                   billion people worldwide. Despite the fact that almost everyone over the age of   CIRCULATION / CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING
                                                                                                  Vanessa Pelletier
                   40 will develop some degree of presbyopia, and the reality that it can’t be cured,
                   the growing number of innovative treatment options is cause for celebration.     PRINTING
                   One of these options is extended depth of field (EDOF) contact lenses, which     Miromedia
                   Shirley Ha discusses in her article in the Making Contact section. Elsewhere   Published six times a year
                   in this issue, we invite you to discover Evra Taylor’s portrait of Caron Kraitt,   Legal deposit
                                                                                                National Library of Canada
                   the award-winning U.K.-based eyewear designer and owner of the eponymous     ISSN 1925-8801 (Print)  |  ISSN 1925-881X (Online)
                   eyewear design firm, who draws inspiration from multiple sources, such as
                   cinema, architecture, fine arts and photography to create her stylish and elegant   Canadian Publication Mail Product
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                   frames.                                                                       Postage Paid in Quebec
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                   With the summer season upon us, we hope you have the opportunity to get   publication, is strictly forbidden, without the written
                   out and explore the country. And however, you spend your vacation, we look     authorization of the publisher.
                   forward to seeing you later this summer for the July/August issue and our       Printed in Canada
                   special men’s eyewear feature. Till then, stay safe and be well.    n            Please recycle

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