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                                                       Cover Story
                                                       By Evra Taylor,
                                                in collaboration with Shirley Ha,
                                                       HBSc., OD, FCOVD

                                              veryone develops presbyopia or age-related
                                              farsightedness. It starts somewhere around
                                              age 40 for emmetropes, the mid-to-late
                                              30s for hyperopes and the mid-40s-plus
                                     Efor myopes. It’s the classic ocular sign - the
                                       first reminder of aging that a person experiences,
                                       besides the crow’s feet they “see”. Almost overnight,
                                       your arms aren’t long enough to hold the menu,
                                       phone or book far enough away to see clearly. Other
                                       symptoms include squinting, headaches, eyestrain
                                       and fatigue, that accompany prolonged near
                                       activities. The experience can be quite emotional
                                       for  some  presbyopes  and  is  often  accompanied
                                       by a period of denial, with many people feeling
                                       depressed and frustrated with failing eyes that have
                                       supported them for nearly four decades.

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