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                                                                                            R E SE AR CH

            a personalized coaching program, which matches new
            users with long-time wearers to help them navigate the
            One challenge is the price tag: about $7,500 Canadian.
            While the unit price has fallen significantly over the
            years, it remains out of reach for many people who could
            benefit from the device.

            “Seventy per cent of those who need it are unemployed
            or living on a fixed income,” notes McCollum. “That’s
            why we’re working with provincial and state agencies
            and employers, who can assist with the purchase.”
            For those who own an earlier version of eSight, the
            company offers credits which enable them to upgrade
            their existing devices. It also offers a standard upgrade
            for eSight 3, which is based on the same technology.
            eSight also re-deploys earlier iterations of the device for
            use in developing countries, since they continue to offer
            significant benefits to users, says McCollum.

            The winner of many international awards, eSight was
            recently named a 2020 Top Wearable Tech Company
            by Technology Era magazine and one of 11 life-changing
            assistive technologies by CNN 2020.

                               “     A revolutionary alternative to corneal  transplants      “

                                                                               LIQD CORNEA COULD SOLVE WORLDWIDE
                                                                               SHORTAGE OF CORNEAS FOR TRANSPLANT
                                                                               A revolutionary alternative to corneal
                                                                               transplants could be a boon to the millions
                                                                               of people worldwide who are anxiously
                                                                               awaiting surgery.
                                                                               The treatment, called LiQD Cornea, was
                                                                               developed as an alternative to conventional
                                                                               corneal transplantation and sealants, says Dr.
                                                                               May  Griffith, a  Montreal-based researcher,
                                                                               who co-led the multinational team that
                                                                               developed the treatment. Dr. Griffith is
                                                                               a researcher at Maisonneuve-Rosemont
                                                                               Hospital Research Centre, which is affiliated
                                                                               with the University of Montreal, and part of
                                                                               the CIUSSS of the East-Island-of-Montreal.
                                                                               She is also a full professor in the Department
                                                                               of Ophthalmology at the University of

                                                                               Her team included researchers from Australia,
                                                                               India, Lithuania, Germany, the U.K. and the
                                                                               U.S, and other parts of Canada.

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