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                          R E SE AR CH

                                         DESIGNED FOR SIGHT – AND LIFE

                                         When  he  was  a child,  Conrad Lewis  faster processing, improved auto-focus,
                                         dreamed of helping his two legally blind  and twice the maximum brightness to
          “   The winner of many         sisters to see. As an adult, his company  deliver greater visual acuity. Because it
                                         —Toronto-based eSight Corp—created   provides  the  brain  with  greatly  improved
                                         a wearable medical device that has greatly   visual information, says Chief Commercial
            international awards,
                                         thousands of people worldwide.
                                                                             improves vision.
              eSight was recently        enhanced the  visual  experience  of   Officer Brian McCollum, it instantly
                  named a 2020           Lewis, an electrical engineer whose sisters  eSight 4 also helps users to maintain their
             Top Wearable Tech           have Stargardt’s disease, launched Toronto- mobility by incorporating their natural
                                         based eSight Corp. in 2006. Seven years  peripheral vision and offering patented
                       Company        “  later, the company released its first eSight   Bioptic Tilt technology, with three positions
                                         eyewear prototype. The device is designed  (up, midway and down).
                                         for people living with over 20 serious eye
                                         conditions including macular degeneration,   Lightweight and wireless, eSight 4 has
                                         diabetic retinopathy and Stargardt’s   easy-swap, rechargeable batteries, which
                                         disease, that leave them with visual acuity  can be changed without having to remove
                                         from 20/60 to 20/800 (and in some cases up  the device. Each battery allows up to three
                                         to 20/1400). It allows them to see and live  hours of continuous use. And the device
                                         independently.                      fits comfortably over prescription glasses.

                                         The company recently introduced the  With the companion mobile app, wearers
                                         fourth generation of the device: eSight 4.   can save photos and videos taken with
                                                Featuring a Star Trek-like wearable   eSight to their phone for sharing, mirror
                                                 headset, it simulates natural  their  mobile  phones,  or  watch  videos
                                                 eyesight by capturing real-time   streaming on their mobile phones directly
                                                 images with a high-speed,   on their eSight. The device is cloud-based,
                                                 high-definition camera. eSight  providing  users  with  real-time  access  to
                                                 4 uses advanced, clinically   innovative features like Shared Accounts,
                                         validated algorithms to optimize and   which allow them to securely invite others
                                / eSight 4 /  enhance the footage, and presents it to  to see what they see and help optimize their
                                         two near-to-eye screens in real time. The   eSight experience.
                                         built-in trackpad lets the user refine the
                                         image, with easy-to-use zoom, contrast and  The ability of a new user to adapt to eSight
                                         focus controls.                     4 depends on how tech-savvy they are,
                                                                             says McCollum. Most people with central
                                         eSight 4 has more powerful software   vision loss are older so there may be a
                                         capabilities than its predecessors, including   learning  curve. Fortunately,  eSight offers

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