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                                                                                   4     Our View

                                                                              6      Cover Story

                                    NEW DISCOVERIES IN VISION SCIENCE
              It’s challenging to keep up with the flood of new research in the vision
                         science field. To help readers stay abreast of these exciting
                    developments, we focus on some fascinating recent discoveries.
                  We also talk to research scientists about the impact of COVID-19
                                       restrictions on their work in the past year.

                             A Satisfied Man: Eric Dickstein Grew into a Designer   14   Portrait of a Designer
                                                  – and Not a Moment too Soon

                                                    Shortsighted by Technology    16    Making Contact

                                                                                  20    In the News

                                                                                  30    Market Place

                                                              WOMEN’S EYEWEAR
                COVID-19 is impacting new ladies’ eyewear fashions, with shapes trending away    in the next issue
                 from smaller, ‘90s-inspired frames to larger, face-shielding options that provide
                   greater protection. Here’s a look at the latest in designs, materials and colours    / MARCH - APRIL 2021 /
                                                                         for 2021.

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