Otto Kern Launches Its New Carbon Fibre Eyewear Collection

Otto Kern Launches Its New Carbon Fibre Eyewear Collection

The famous German manufacturer Otto Kern, world renowned for its perfumes, clothing and accessories lines, has just launched its new line of rimless eyewear made of carbon fibre and titanium.

Carbon fibre is a light, resistant material used in aeronautics, for instance in the manufacturing of the Airbus A380 and the space shuttle wings, to name two. The qualities of this fibre are now used to manufacture ever-lighter and sturdier frames.

The Otto Kern collection offers carbon temples with a refined look and avant-garde design, in two shades: black and light grey. The weave of the carbon fibre creates the illusion of a 3D holographic picture. The lugs and bridge made of titanium come in different styles and colours. An added feature is that the Otto Kern temples are reinforced with a titanium rod, thus offering better performance and more flexibility.

A large selection of presentation lens shapes will appeal to an extensive clientele. The screwless mounting does not present a problem for labs and ensures very good stability for the lenses.

The Otto Kern frames, which come with a case and a two-year guarantee, are distributed inCanadaby Optique Vision 2000.