New Transitions Signature VII Lenses Offer a Superior Way to See the World

transitionsFurther pushing the boundaries of adaptive lens technology, Transitions Optical, Inc. has launched its most responsive everyday adaptive lenses ever: Transitions® Signature VII lenses with Chromea7™ technology. Available Jan. 7, 2014, Transitions Signature VII lenses will replace Transitions® VI lenses in the Transitions family of products as the optimal lens for maximum indoor clarity and responsiveness to UV outdoors.

Through its revolutionary product development model – Life360™ – Transitions Optical developed Transitions Signature VII lenses to be more responsive in more situations, testing them in more than 200 conditions representing real-life lighting situations, including various temperatures, weather conditions and geographies. New Transitions Signature VII lenses use the patented Chromea7 technology, an exclusive dye formulation that allows the lenses to be more reactive to indirect sunlight and reflected sunlight, and become even darker on hot days. Transitions Signature VII lenses provide this outstanding outdoor performance without sacrificing indoor clarity, making them the ideal replacement for clear lenses.

“There is a real opportunity for eyecare professionals to convert clear lens wearers into Transitions lens wearers,” said Brian Hauser, general manager, U.S. and Canada, Transitions Optical. “Transitions VI lenses have been on the market for six years. This is the longest we’ve gone without a generational change, so the new technology will create a lot of excitement. Furthermore, for the first time we will be bringing attention to our new product technology by calling out both the newness of Transitions Signature lenses and the Chromea7 technology by name in our consumer campaign.”

Like Transitions VI lenses, Transitions Signature VII lenses will be offered in grey and brown. The difference is that Transitions Signature VII lenses are a more aesthetically pleasing grey and brown.