Match Eyewear Canada Unveils Danny Gokey Sun

Match Eyewear Canada’s introduction of Danny Gokey Sun at Vision Expo East was not only the debut of a new collection but also a new target audience for the brand – the sunwear line is designed for both men and women.

Though originally launched as a men’s collection, Danny Gokey ophthalmic models have always had a strong female following. Credit the contemporary retro styling, the continued popularity of Geek Chic, or the huge female fan base of the American Idol finalist, but the collection has always had a unisex appeal. In fact, the ophthalmic collection has recently been extended to include ladies’ styles. “We found that a significant percentage of sales could be attributed to women,” says Match Eyewear President Ethan Goodman. “We are excited about the new women’s looks, but the sunwear collection was definitely created with universal appeal in mind.”

The four launch models from Danny Gokey Sun reflect a modern interpretation of vintage charm, speaking directly to the classic, genuine and unique style of the brand and delivering effortless cool to men and women, aged 18 and 35.