Transformation of Any Eyewear into an Instant Bifocal

20/20 Accessory Source introduces the newest in innovative bifocal design. With an easy application process, any sunglass, safety glass or mask can be transformed into a bifocal.

Hydrotac Stick-On Bifocal Lenses are invisible, half-moon shaped soft lenses that adhere to the back of any lens by just using water. They are reusable and won’t leave behind any residue, so one set can be used on multiple pairs of eyewear.

Adding stick-on bifocals to your array of products will entice customers looking for additional options. Whether they prefer something traditional, or something unique, the lenses are designed to fit all styles and have the ability to be trimmed without the worry of the magnification being distorted.

The Hydrotac’s versatility also invites a more diverse range of patients into your clinic. Individuals who require occupational lenses, such as diving masks and safety goggles, and need the help of a bifocal, will find this hassle-free alternative advantageous.