A Website Dedicated to Fitson & You

Logo_FitsonTwo years after launching its house brand, Canadian Optical Supply Company (COS) has introduced its Fitson & You line’s website http://fitsonandyou.com.

Fitson & You finds its essence in Montreal. Inspired by the animated and relaxed character of the city, COS wanted to create a collection that would allow everyone to express their personality while ensuring wearing comfort and durability for all.

Made in South Korea, Fitson & You frames are mostly designed in ultem, an ultra-light and flexible shape-memory material. “The model’s elasticity and ultra-light weight are advantages that will surely impress the most discerning wearers,” said Jonah Baumann, optician at Fitson & You.

Chic but never over the top, eye-catching and original, the eyewear styles are classic with a modern twist, perfect for capturing the individuality of each person who wears them.

Fitson & You joins the brand portfolio distributed by COS, with one difference: this time, the brand belongs to the distributor whose reputation is well-established in the Canadian market.