A Magical Touch


The founder and creative director of Volte-Face, Fabienne Coudray-Meisel, brings her keen personal insights to the chic world of high-end eyewear. For each new line, she has a very special way of using volume, colours, textures and materials. The models are designed and worked like exceptional pieces of jewellery.

Following on from the success of the GUAX line, well known for its astonishing undulation effects, three new concepts (models Betsy, Blum and Berny) have been added to the collection. Flowing lines are improvised on the material with a highly distinctive rendering obtained through diamond etching. The result is quite simply amazing, combining the absolute brilliance of the chosen acetates with a very personal interpretation of “retro” style.

The new three full forms of the Bali, Brass and Blink models are on their way to becoming major fashion items. Fabienne Coudray-Meisel uses the full range of her imagination in the combination of colours and acetate materials, which she chooses very carefully. The design abounds with original graphic effects and highly sophisticated print patterns to produce a simply stunning result.

Volte Face is distributed by J.F. Rey.Eyewear Canada.