Audace Lunettes Innovates

SasuraAudace Lunettes announces the launch of Sasura, a truly trendsetting brand that, for the first time, offers women the exclusive opportunity to design their own luxury eyewear. Through master craftsmanship, the affordable sunglasses are made of the highest quality in eyewear and jewellery design.

Using a universal patented keeper system with interchangeable Sasura jewels and other charm jewellery, the brand inspires women to express themselves. The charm pieces are made exclusively for Audace Lunettes in Thailand, some with silver or gold leaves, others with Swarovski crystals. The Murano glass pieces are made in Italy. Now, women can impart a piece of themselves to the sunglasses, being their own designers, while eyecare professionals increase their sales opportunities.

This unique, hand-finished collection is made with innovative technologies while respecting artisanal traditions. Sasura uses premium acetates and metals, as well as the finest crystals for the jewel pieces.