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                                            6      Our View

                         Cover Story
                                           8       MEETING CHILDREN’S OPTICAL NEEDS

                                                   Fitting kids with eyeglass frames and lenses requires special consideration
                                                   of each child’s particular needs. As the back-to-school season approaches,
                                                   ECPs need to brush up on the best ways to work effectively with children.
                                                   Kids’ frames need to be well-priced and durable, while featuring generous
                                                   warranties. It’s also important to recognize the problems that can affect a
                                                   child’s vision, including amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus, and other
                                                   conditions. Here’s a look at what the burgeoning children’s eyewear market
                                                   has to offer.
                   ON THE COVER : J.F. Rey Kids - mod. Mushroom

                   Portrait of a Designer  18    Monoqool: Innovation Meets Fashion in the Danish Countryside

                          Making Contact  20     Strategies to Grow Your Specialty Contact Lens Practice

                                   Event  24     Transitions Academy 2023 Showcases “Lights on Tomorrow”

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                                          34     Market Place

                                             ANNUAL LENS ISSUE
                    in the next issue        Innovations in lens science continue to advance rapidly, thanks to continuing
                                             technological breakthroughs. In response to wearers’ increasing use of digital
                   / SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER  2023  /  devices and the postural and vision challenges they create, some lens manufacturers
                                             have developed new products that correct for each reading distance. Others believe
                                             that the future of ophthalmic lenses lies in the field of neuroscience, while some
                                             industry experts feel that smart lenses hold the key to the future. We look at the
                                             latest improvements and advances in this exciting field.

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