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               T         he recent announcement that the Canadian government is lifting all
                                                                                                    A division of

                         Covid-19 border restrictions as of October 1 is another welcome sign
                         that our lives are returning to something approaching normalcy.
                                                                                                   Martine Breton
                         The ability to travel internationally is a key aspect of doing business
                                                                                                  SENIOR EDITOR
                         successfully, particularly in an industry as globally oriented as
                                                                                                  JoAnne Sommers
                                                                                                  Tel. 250 469-4350
               eyewear. While digital meetings have helped to fill the void created by the
               Covid-19 pandemic over the past two years, nothing can replace the benefits of     FEATURES WRITER
               face-to-face interaction.                                                            Evra Taylor
                                                                                                  Tel. 416 458-4409
               SILMO 2022, which took place Sept. 23-26 at Paris-Nord Villepinte, is a case in
               point. Seven-hundred-and-fifty exhibitors and 27,000 visitors from all over the   ASSOCIATE EDITOR
               world gathered for the return of one of the optical world’s premiere annual events.   Shirley Ha, B. Sc (Hons), O.D.
               Last year, 500 exhibitors and 19,000 visitors attended a slimmed down-version of   SPECIAL ADVISOR, CONTACT LENSES
                                                                                            Joshua Josephson, B. Sc, OD, FAAO, FACLP
               Silmo; the 2020 show was cancelled, due to the pandemic.
                                                                                          MEDIA COORDINATOR / COPY EDITOR /
               Envision Magazine Publisher Martine Breton attended the show for the first time     RESEARCHER
                                                                                                   Omar Chraïbi
               since 2019 and says the excitement and energy were contagious.        
               “It was such a pleasure to attend Silmo after missing it for the last two years. This   WEB COORDINATOR
                                                                                                   Marc Vaskelis
               edition was exhilarating, as if the pandemic was finally over. The show attracted
               attendees from all over the world and I discovered many new and exciting brands.   SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION
               It’s wonderful that Silmo is back!”                                   
                                                                                                  GRAPHIC DESIGN
               Watch for  Envision  magazine’s full coverage of Silmo 2022 in our November/        Marco Gagnon
               December issue.                                                        
               One thing the pandemic did was highlight the importance of having high-quality      Martine Breton
               eyeglass lenses. Studies say that many people reported their eyesight worsening
                                                                                                   1 888 462-2112
               over the past two years, at least in part because of increased screen time, a more   Tel.: 450 629-6005
                                                                                                  Fax: 514 360-6523
               sedentary lifestyle and a lack of outdoor time.
                                                                                          CIRCULATION / CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING
                                                                                                   Omar Chraïbi
               Fortunately, the growing use of freeform technology has meant that lens designs
               are continuously improving. As features writer Evra Taylor notes in this issue’s     PRINTING
               cover story, “There is a consensus among ophthalmic lens manufacturers that          Miromedia
               freeform technology is continuously revolutionizing optical design by enabling an   Published six times a year
               unprecedented degree of lens customization to each wearer’s eyeglass prescription.   Legal deposit
               The technology allows precision lens cutting rather than the approximations of   National Library of Canada
               traditional lens manufacturing equipment. This means increased patient comfort   ISSN 1925-8801 (Print)  |  ISSN 1925-881X (Online)
               and satisfaction which, in turn, is beneficial to the growth of ECPs’ practices.”  Canadian Publication Mail Product
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               Elsewhere in the magazine, you will find Shirley Ha’s piece about the benefits
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               of building close relationships between contact lens suppliers and their sales    publication, is strictly forbidden, without the written
               representatives, and Evra Taylor’s “Portrait of a Designer”, which profiles Anton   authorization of the publisher.
               Janssens and Raf Maes, the unlikely duo behind Antwerp-based Komono. We             Printed in Canada
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