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                                            6      Our View

                                           10        NEW ADVANCES IN LENS DESIGN:
                         Cover Story
                                                     THERE’S NO SLOWING DOWN

                                             Freeform technology is allowing the development of many exciting lens
                                             technology advances. And the pace of improvement in lens designs keeps
                                             quickening. Improvements in lens designs and treatments provide real
                                             benefits to the millions of Canadians who depend on corrective lenses for
                                             their daily activities. In our annual special lens feature, we bring the most
                                             significant new developments to light.

                         [  Cover photo courtesy of Shamir Optical   ]

                   Portrait of a Designer  22    Komono: “Small Things” Pack a Big Punch

                          Making Contact  24     It’s All About Relationships

                                Interview  28    Opti-Stats Survey:
                                                 Painting a Portrait of the Canadian Optical Industry

                                          30     The Buzz

                                           36    Trendwatch

                                          38     Spotlight

                                          40     Market Place

                    in the next issue         ADVANCES IN WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY
                   / NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2022  /  Smartglasses and AR are considered the next big breakthroughs for wearables
                                              technology. Plenty of innovation is coming in this exciting field.
                                              Here’s what we can look forward to.

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