2016 Issues

January/February 2016
Feature Article –Nutrition and the Eyes:

  • In Science We Trust: AREDS Shocker Raises Serious Questions
  • Genetic Testing: The Frontier of Personalized Vision Care?
  • The Nutritional Dispensary
  • What to Eat? This Book Nails It
    When originally proposing this issue’s feature story on nutrition and eye health last year, I blithely imagined it as a sunny tale about green spinach, tasty salmon and the occasional vitamin supplement. Little did I know that a major controversy would now be dividing the vision science community, a controversy that credibly suggests that significant harm may have resulted from scientific ineptitude or worse.

Portrait of a Designer – Who is ‘Slamming It’ with Bespoke Eyewear?
Discovering – My Humanitarian Mission to Mexico
Making Contact – For the Love of Sclerals



March/April 2016
Feature Article – Still Rocking the World: Sunwear History Continues to Be Made
Fun and functional, elegant and sporty, colourful and sublimely sedate, there is so much to choose from in sunwear right now. We’ve come a long, long way from the innovations of earlier days and find history being made with the latest innovations in material and design.

Portrait of a Designer – The Design Journey: Serge Bracké for theo
Eye on Health – Retinopathy of Prematurity
Making Contact – Giving Allergic Patients a Happy Ending
Lens focus – There Is an “Eye” in Internet



May/June 2016
Feature Article – Vision Science Astounds
Vision science research continues to astound. Our feature covers three exciting developments that may have profound impacts on patient wellbeing and practice management. A self-focusing contact lens, a solution to dissolve cataracts, and eye drops that resolve presbyopia are included in this feature.

Company Profile  – Marcolin Eyewear: Building on Strength
Making Contact – The Comfort of Red
Event – MIDO Fosters Original Design
Event – Great gathering for Ontario optometrists
Event – VEE Celebrates 30 Visionary Years



July/August 2016
Feature Article – Don’t Kid Around. There are Many Benefits to Selling Children’s Eyewear
The kid’s market is growing at a healthy clip and you can be part of it. Children and youth need eyewear for school, sports and sun protection. Our feature brings the brightest and best new frames for kids to your attention. With back to school almost upon us, this is the time to stock up!

Special Report  – Opternative: Online Rx Provider May Come to Canada
Portrait of a Designer – Ronit Fürst: Hand Painted Frames Brighten Faces Around the World
Lens Focus – There Is an “Eye” in Internet
Interview – In Conversation with Cirillo Marcolin
Event – Optifair a Smashing Success!



September/October 2016
Feature Article – Fast, Fun and Fantastic: Innovations in Optical Lenses
Our annual lens feature highlights a speedy lens delivery system in Toronto and shows how enjoyable shopping for lenses can be with new virtual reality tools in your clinic. We also cover the latest lens trends from market leaders.

Lens Focus – Not a Glare in the World
Portrait of a Designer – “The Story of Us”: How l.a.Eyeworks became an American Icon
Making Contact – Ortho-K: Reshaping the Future
Special Report – Wearable Technologies for the Blind: The Invisible Becomes Audible
Your Money  – The Great Retirement Savings Debate



November/December 2016
Feature Article – Luxury You Can Feel
Might your clients be looking for golden nosepads? How would you know? This issue explores several facets of luxury eyewear, including the business case, the art of the upsell and new designs from leading suppliers. Whether you go for fine jewels or artisanal design, it’s all here for you.

Special Report – Creating the Luxury Experience
Event  – Ready to Wow the World
Portrait of a Designer – Hugo Martin and Parasite Eyewear: Defying
Making Contact – Painless, Smart Contact Lens for Diabetics
Event – VEW Always a Time For Celebration!
Lens focus – Constant Contacts? Hardly.
Event – Love in the Autumn: Silmo 2016 Captures Hearts & Minds